Sometimes A Peek Into The Future Is All We Need.
Often A Little Extra Guidance Can Be Really Helpful.

Phone: 023 8036 8945

How nice it would be if pretty pictures of angels were dotted around this page.
I love angels but don't know many of them.
Besides that I personally don't have any proof they can help win the lottery.
Having a trusted person who listens without judging often is best.
Being someone who can see the outcome definately should become a friend.
Liking people made me blossom into someone who who doesn't judge and is prepared to listen.

If you like many others coming for a reading and live outside Southampton.
Thankfully living 8 minutes from junction 7 on the M27 most arrive here easily.
Free parking in front of the house.  

The Skills I have.

1.   The ability to help you improve your life.

2.   Have the advantage of asking spirit guides for information.

3.   Was a Psychic Fayres Organiser for ten years

4.  Over many years have done thousands of readings.

5.   Have the benefit of being trained by the Spiritualist Church. 

6.   Can retrieve memories from an early age and go ten years into your future. 

At the end of the day it isn't about me but how I can Help You.

CONTACT: 023 8036 8945

Having done readings for so many people something stands out.  It is the number of good people who seem to struggle year to year.

Some years ago I came upon a special type of crystal known as 'a truth stone', it has the ability to aborb information. 

Do you sometimes find yourself going through a cycle already explored.  Do you sometimes think you should be able to do something but don't?

We all have mini fears and how your world can open up when one of these childhood mini fears are found and released.

It makes my day when someones world opens up and their future improves overnight.  The 'truth stone' is used within your reading, no extra cost, that has got to be good.