Understanding The Aura

Hopefully you knew but if not here goes.
Yes every human being has one and most likely so does most of the animal kingdom.
Many books have been written explaining the aura, size and colour are two of the main features I can see.

Some time ago it was known for us to have a total of seven 'bodies', which includes the physical body.  
To be honest I have no clue as to which of the six I can see but one thing for certain is the nods of agreement when telling them how they are thinking.

What is for certain is how we are helped or hindered by the colours around us.  We humans have a 'vibration' and so do colours.  For example the colour orange is seen in abundance with those wearing sport or exercise clothes.

The human aura has colours and each chakra has its own colour which is known universally.

Often I say to a client, 'your xyz is aching or sore and they nod in agreement. Most times I can offer a solution they can then choose to keep the pain or get it sorted out.

Most aches and pains are caused by trapped nerves in the spine, this is why yoga is beneficial as it helps the body relax which in turn helps free up trapped nerves. 

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