Clairvoyance Explained

So much confusion exists when it comes to understanding 'who does what' and how.

A simple explanation is the word clairvoyance means 'clear sight' which in turn means the reader sees a picture.

A clairaudient hears the voice of a person in the spirit world.

A clairsentient feels a symptom of the spirit communicator and frequently of the client as well.

As each artist paints in their style so each 'reader' has their way of working.

All what matters is the 'reader' works toward a better outcome for the client.

A person not a medium and a person who is can still see 'pictures'  only the medium can see those who have passed on.

For myself being quite visual naturally sees pictures and people in the spirit world.  There is no right or wrong all can be hoped for is the 'reader' knows what they are doing and cares about the welfare of the client.

One thing I would bring your attention to is the difference between a reader only psychic and the reader who is a medium.  They both use the word 'clairvoyant' but only one sees their guides and those who have passed on.

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