Future Predictions

Many years ago explained to me was how life on earth was like an LP record upright and sideways on. This meant our life was already mapped out or more correct lived in full.  Imagine pulling the groves outward for this depicted time 'three score years and ten' for a life span according to some experts.

To be honest I have no idea if it is true or not.

What I do know for certain is how events predicted by yours truly often came true.  One fond memory of years ago was a young lady who I advised not to get married in the year ahead.

One year later she told me had married and divorced with the twelve months.

Some years ago with a smile on her face one lady said 'you were right' he did find out.  You guessed it, she had a bit on the side.

What all need to know is 'you will live in a large house' means keep working, not just sit back and wait for the house to magically appear.

'You will meet a boy' does not mean keep stuffing food into yourself or wear the same underwear for a month.

'You will meet a girl' the same rules apply.  It is worth remembering boy seeks out an image of his mother and the girl seeks out an image of her father.  It may not be right but it's how it works.

One last word on the subject.  An event can be predicted but avoid throwing out common sense.  On occasions if a lesson needs to be learned we can end up with less than hoped for. 

Keep ears and eyes open and ensure your 'reading' is with the best clairvoyant for you.

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