Healing Explained

The word healing conjures up a variety of answers plus questions.
Two main types are available namely 'Spiritual' and 'Reiki'.
Reiki as I understand has 'ascended masters' who attend to the healing.
Spiritual in general has 'spirit healers' each method has a person who is the go between.

Reiki is mostly paid for and Spiritual is sometimes paid for.

Many years ago and being a medium I thought anyone who could communicate with the spirit world was automatically a 'healer'.

Giving it a go I thought it took a few minutes and everyone I touched  would live to be over a hundred and have brilliant health.  Nobody croaked prematurely nor did anyone improve.

Thirty years passed by and re-joined a Spiritualist Church training group.  The group leader took us through a session on healing and said "stand behind the person hands on their shoulders for 15 minutes".

No frills and silence for 15 minutes.  I was not prepared for what happened next, within those 15 minutes. I actually saw the 'healing guide' walk through me and into the patient.

This has happened in the same way on every healing session. The only difference being on each occasion the healing guide has been different.

Today I have no idea whether when working as a 'healer' a person's trauma will heal.  All I know is there are too many people not achieving due to some clown telling them they are stupid when they were 6 years old.

There must be a large number of 'healers' in the Spiritualist Church so if you are feeling out of sorts give it a go.  I ask a donation of £10 just to cover the time spent which is 30 minutes total.

Living in Southampton can be contacted 023 8036 8945