Psychic In Southampton

What is a pyschic?

I have no wish to deliberately upset anyone with this page and will give truth as I understand it.

Every human being on earth is psychic or at least has the ability to open it up.

For thousands of years everyone used their 'sixth' sense to protect themselves from predators. 

Many a mother must wonder at times how their three years old knew something was about to happen or was intended to be kept a secret.

Everyone in the world is an artist, more correct is to write, everyone in the world can put paint on paper. We know some people create beautiful paintings.  Psychic in this respect is the same, some have more and some less.

A fact of life is for some people having a need to keep secrets, most 'psychics' are not bothered about prying into other people's secrets, most just want to help whoever asks for guidance.

A very interesting fact is the large number of 'psychics' who live a life less than their potential.  The reason is somewhat sad but I will explain why.

For 10 years I organised Psychic Faryes around South England and naturally met a large number of working psychics.  Needed to know is many, in fact the largest number of 'readers' had childhood traumas of one sort or another.

Psychic is a God given gift which can be used to sense impending danger.  The extra sense has been with humanity for thousands of years.  Everyone at some time has sensed danger or threat.

It is often through trauma the sense comes to the front.  As you are reading this know you have this same sensing ability.

Those working as Clairvoyants, Tarot Readers and Psychics all use the same ability and many devote their lives to helping others live better lives.

Living in Southampton can be contacted 023 8036 8945